launch W/ Ian Orti: Tonight!!

In L: (And Things Come Apart)
A small flat sits unoccupied above Henry's café. When a woman comes to rent the room, Henry's world begins to shift. As their friendship intensifies the city itself begins to dismantle, Henry is left wondering if he is a victim of his own senility or if the transformations slowly closing in on him have something to do with the new tenant. L is the story of a nameless town where two lives intertwinea story of annihilation.

Ian Orti's prose are subtle, evoking the best magic realism. His style is reminiscent of Anosh Irani. He is the author of The Olive and the Dawn (Snare Books). He is a columnist for Matrix Magazine and his work has appeared Filling Station, The Toronto Quarterly and VICE Magazine. He has six fingers.

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