Let's craft talk

Time to get crafty with two new exciting items! The first one is The Handmande Marketplace, a guide for navigating the complex world of craft-economics. It litterally answers any question you might have regarding anything related to selling handmade goods. Thanks to this book, Craft and DIY Queen (according to me at least) Amy Sedaris is now 'prepared to make a fortune selling googly-eyed peanuts.'

Our second new additon to the crafts section is a wonderful DVD, the film debut of Faythe Levine, co-author of a book we've been digging for a while, Handmade Nation. Also called Handmade Nation, the documentary follows Levyne as she experiences craft culture all over the United States, in artist studios, homes, boutiques, offices and craft fairs. Take a look at this craft-tastic trailer above (and stop for a second at the 01:02 mark, heh).

And while we're on the subject of craft-fever, here's a little treat for all you crafties out there.

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