New Goodies From Abrams ComicArts

Three new books from Abrams ComicArts just in: ART OF JAIME HERNANDEZ By Todd Hignite, ART IN TIME By Dan Nadel AND THE SIMPSONS FUTURAMA CROSSOVER CRISIS by Matt Groening.

This new biography/Exposé on Jaime Hernandez is amazingly comprehensive. It begins in Oxnard California, covers a massive oeuvre and continues with Jaime's current work. With TONS of giant sketches, interviews, photos and strips--not just from Jaime but including his influences- I'd say this is a definite must have for Hernandez Bros fans and comics appreciators in general.

The Brothers signing in Berkley, circa 1984.

Going back a little further in comics history is ART IN TIME: Unkown Comic Book Adventures, 1940-1980 By Picture Box editor Dan Nadel.

-The follow up to Art Out Of Time: Unkown Comics Visionaries 1900-1969- focuses on: "the immersive, intoxicating exploration of comic book worlds on paper". Many of the artists in ART IN TIME are better known for their commercial work. This collection offers a look into a darker, often more sinister side of mid-to-late-century commercial cartoonists.

Check out the rather bizarre strip from John Stanley, who was best known for scripting the Little Lulu, Melvin Monster and Nancy comic books.

A closer look (above) .

This little gem doesn't need much explaining, does it?

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