Pictures from the Ghost Pine launch

Yesterday night, we had the pleasure of hosting the launch for Ghost Pine, Jeff Miller's collection of 13 years worth of zine-writing.

After a brief introductory reading by Alastair Rimbaud (Brendan, that was your name, right?), Jeff gave the audience an honest and insightful talk on the Ontarian punk-rock scene, selective memory and his general passion for zine-making.

Jeff also treated us with a full-on multimedia presentation, complete with the cassette tape soundtrack of his hardcore-infused teenage years and a voice recording of his grandma telling crazy stories from the past.

Let me show you some pictures. This is Brendan reading from the very first issue of Ghost Pine.

Here's Jeff standing next to the Ghost Pine logo...

...which comes from this odd and mystery-ridden (and filthy) baseball cap.

The store was full and everyone was in good spirits. Good job Jeff Miller!

Speaking of the store being full of good spirits:

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