Two exciting events = lots of exciting pictures

This week has been way exciting, with both Gayla Trail visiting the store for an incredible presentation and a much needed help with our little garden, and surprise performances by Zeesy Powers and Pat Jordache. Guys, let's look at some pictures.

This Wednesday, we hosted the canadian premiere of The Ghost, Zeesy Powers' "Physical Dream Extraction Theatre." Here's the now traditional crowd shot:

While waiting for everyone to set up, Zeesy invited people on stage to talk about their first love. Only one was brave enough to do it, and she shared a beautiful story that got us all clapping and hiding our tears of admiration...

Pat Jordache performed a brilliant opening solo set, inside of an installation by Yuula Benivolski:

Then we got the pleasure of experiencing Zeesy's projection performance. It was beautiful, surprising and funny, and things got way tense and emotional at the end - a cray-cray roller-coaster we will all remember:

"You wish your farts could do that." - Maurizio Cattelan, on Zeesy's performance. I couldn't agree more.


And now here are pictures of the wonderful evening we spent yesterday with Gayla Trail for the launch of Grow Great Grub, her new -and amazing- book. We started things off by planting our own little garden with Gayla - and the helpful and adorable assistance of Gigi and Woody:

Thanks to Gayla, we now have a fully edible garden that already smells like the salad of my dreams:

Unavoidable crowd shot:

Below is Gayla talking about Mexican Sour Gherkin, which produces sour fruit resembling tiny Barbie-sized watermelons:

Her presentation on growing edibles was incredibly instructive and we learned so much about growing in soil, in containers or basically in any awkward places one can find in a city. She shared so many tips and tricks, and answered all questions with mind-blowing knowledge and nuance.

Gayla definitely got everyone attending stoked and confident about gardening, a sign that her book is pure gold - so come and buy it, and make sure you visit her blog!

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