Book Expo America 2010

Last Wednesday and Thursday I attended Book Expo America at the space-ship-cum-convention-place: The Jacob K. Javits Center, Manhattan NY. The festival is a sort of World Fair of publishing. From small presses to major publishers, everyone and seemingly everything was there to show fall titles, or gadgets and who knows what else.

The entrance to The Javits Center looks down W. 35th. If you squint you can see the New Yorker building.

In reviewing my photos I've realized that most of them are of the more, shall I say, perplexing elements of publishing. What you can't see here were my conversations with brilliant publishers, authors and like minded booksellers, which I assure you did happen.

I had a great rundown of the new Fantagraphics titles.

Adam Krefman: our guy at McSweeney's is incredibly friendly.

I made a friend at the Distributed Art Publishers table. Author and National Book Critic Circle reviewer, Lynne Lawner. She was asking me about art books!

I was excited to stop by the N.Y.R.B booth, as we have a ton of their kids books en-route to the store as we speak.

The atmosphere at the print side of BEA was bustling. Friendly intelligent people willing to talk shop and share interests. I took a walk over to the Digital Book Zone, where things took a strange turn. Everything was gray and black. Single computers took the place of hundreds of new books. Wires and black ties, I was scared.

I found solace at this booth. A gentlemen was demonstrating a pen that when pressed to a specific location in the book or magazine could read aloud the text!

This application for the Ipad can read children's books to your child. You can even record your own voice reading the story for your kids to replay in solitude.

Nic Boshart makes up half of Invisible Press who published Jeff Millers Ghost Pine (one of our best-sellers in May). I'm not exactly sure what is job title is but he told me he was here on behalf of a company that teaches publishers about E-Books. He assured me everything was going to be okay.

I headed back to the print side of things. At the Abrams booth while perusing their wonderful line of comics I noticed this celebrity. I snapped his picture first, then took the time to cognize: Nigel Barker.

Take note of how few people there are in this area. Even the booth has been deserted.

After reaping what I could from the convention, I hit the street and checked out a few more permanent print related locations. The Aptly named Printed Matter, Inc. is incredible.

And across the street is the wonderfully curated 192 BOOKS who regularly have author events in their tiny space. It reminded me of home.

Not pictured here but visited also were: Housing Works, McNally Jackson, St. Marks Bookshop, Bluestockings, The New Museum's bookstore and, of course, The Strand.

Apologies to those bookshops not in Manhattan. I didn't leave the island.

Long live print!

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