Clock Without A Face


"Twelve Emerald-studded numbers, each handmade and one of a kind, have been strewn across the [USA]. These Treasures will belong to whoever finds them first. The clues to their locations lurk within these thirteen floors".

Clock Without A Face is in!!

It may seem funny for us to promote this; the treasures are buried in United States soil. To that we say:

"No! Go forth and Steal the Treasure From the Yanks!"

or the STFY campaign as it shall be referred to from here on out. Go here to download a Junior Deducer card as well as keep up to date on the Emeralds.

McSweeney's has named us an Official-Treasure-Hunt-Supply-Depot in the hunt for Clock but what they didn't expect is that we'd start an all out plunder attempt. We want all twelve!

So go on brave Canucks. Plan your road trips, deduce, dig, sniff, sleep under the stars! Consider us HQ STFY.

But get your story straight before you cross the border, and remember that Americans are scary (see author photo below).

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