Hot Dogs for All!*

This Friday we will be celebrating the release of the doodles at the Librairie. Starting at 7 pm, it'll be a double book launch: Keith Jones will be here for Catland Empire, and Seth Scriver for his Petit Livre, Stooge Pile. I've heard rumours that there will be 2$ portraits on offer.

Book launch and portrait-drawing session:
7 pm - 10 pm
Friday May 28, 2010
211 Bernard O.
Facebook Event

Catland Empire is the title of Keith Jones's new D+Q title. It's a full colour three-piece-suited cat work of joy. Check out Jessica's post about it on the blog.

Stooge Pile is a tiny art book with portraits of flannel-hatted men and women, and plungers with bucktoothed smiles.

It promises to be a wonderful time!

* Hot dogs not guaranteed without the purchase of a copy of Catland Empire.

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