Miguel Syjuco's award winning debut novel goes on sale tomorrow, May 4th. As the good press, interviews and covers pour in you may ask yourself:

"Why should I read this book?".

Should one read it because Miguel lives in the neighborhood? Because he has a charming smile? Or, perhaps because he was featured in Nylon Guys spring 2010 along with yours truly?

While these are all very good reasons to read a book, I offer you another: It imparts the eternal question regarding value of life and work. Miguel Syjuco has created a deep world with characters that are so close to being real that you'll want to believe that they have existed.

So stop by tomorrow and pick up the book and don't forget to come to our launch for ILUSTRADO on the 20th of May, 7pm with Miguel @ Librairie Drawn & Quarterly. 211 Bernard Ouest. RSVP via Facebook here.

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