Ilustrado launch

Last night we had the pleasure of launching Miguel Syjuco's debut novel Ilustrado. Big thank you to everyone who came out and helped celebrate.

For those of you who missed it here is a quick recap:

Australian Pies were served courtesy of TA. Local beer was enjoyed.

Miguel read from the book and interspersed stories; some of which were hilarious, others informative.

Peggy was caught in the doorway with the camera.

Books were signed - amongst other things...

During a Q&A Miguel was asked which Canadian authors he enjoyed, he listed Adam Gollner, Rawi Hage, Colin McAdam and Suzanne Hancock - All of whom happened to be in the audience. Hooray community!

Miguel, Marina, and The Chief.

Congratulations to Miguel and I implore you to come pick up and read the book if you have not so already.

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