I'm so stoked

We just received a jaw-dropping shipment from PictureBox!

Most of what was in the box is new to us, like the very genito-fecal Pee Dog (Ed Nukey Nukes and Jocko Levent Brainiac), Michel Gondry's We Lost the War but Not the Battle or King Joe's wacky and colourful Singles Going Steady - pure candy in the tradition of heta-uma (litterally "bad/good" in japanese). See how good all of this PictureBox goodness looks when I pile it up on our stage (the Gary Panter box-set should be in this picture, but I'm just not strong enough to lift it):

We're also now loaded with PictureBox newspapers such as Paper Rad's Wu Tang Comics or Ken Kagami's funny, sexy, sad, NSFW and generally offensive SnooPee. If you ever wondered about what I put on the walls of my bedroom, here's your answer (imagine I'm not censoring the peeing peens with my arm):

And speaking of things I like to own - we now carry Garo Manga: The First Decade, the catalog that accompanies the curent exhibition at the New York Center for Book Arts:

The show looks phenomenal (it ends on June 26th, youstill have time to go!), something not too surprising considering Garo is the best graphic publication to come out of Japan, ever. As the title implies, the exhibition and the catalogue focus on the magazine's early years, with a focus on the work of ground-breaking artists such as Shirato Sanpei (author of the epic Legend of Kamuy), Mizuki Shigeru (KitarĂ´) and D+Q authors Hayashi Seiichi, Katsumata Susumu and Tatsumi Yoshihiro.

The catalog is well-worth the read, with its comprehensive and insightful history and analysis of a huge body of avant-garde work that is unfortunately still not accessible in its entirety to the non-japanese.

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