Sonja Ahlers at the D+Q Librairie, TONIGHT 7:00 PM

Our new petit livre by Sonja Ahlers is popping up everywhere, and for us, in outlets that normally do not cover comics. World domination is imminent. Sonja Ahlers will be at the D+Q Librairie TONIGHT at 7 PM. As the flyer states she will be giving an artist talk that may veer into stand-up.

Fashion Magazine in Canada covers the book and offers high praise for the "arguably over-talented Sonja Ahlers" saying Part scrapbook, part book-book, The Selves tells the tales of females born mostly in the ’70s, growing up with fashion, Princess Diana, chick flicks and other fairy tales. Their expectations are so romantic, they’re comedic. The book is bildungsroman as bedroom wall collage, with pictures so pretty you can hardly see how scary-smart the words are.

The Toronto Craft alert states {Ahlers} has managed to translate the “selves” of her youth into not only a representation of a unified adult self, but also a unique and poignant visual vocabulary.

She's also the cover story on Broken Pencil Magazine. Canadian writer Hal Niedzviecki notes: Ahlers is one of the most urban, contemporary and solitary creators I've ever encountered. Her creative landscape is a solipsistic pop culture zone in which Ahlers' alter-egos endlessly work out the dilemmas of modern life -- loneliness, soulless consumption, multiple identities.

Bad Day Magazine and Field Guided take note, too.

Upcoming events include Puces Pop in Montreal on Saturday, June 5th and Sunday June 6th, Quimbys in Chicago on Thursday June 10th with Anne Elizabeth Moore and Wednesday June 16th at Desert Island with fellow D+Q artists Keith Jones and Seth Scriver.

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