Ripe From Around Here: now available in book and event form!

Ripe From Around Here is a bible for local, sustainable, and in-season cooking. Jae Steele offers up the wisdom of her holistic nutrition background and jazzes recipes up with the keen eye of a food-lover. All the recipes are vegan, but she provides great advice on going more local/sustainable/organic for a variety of different diets, whether you're a meat-eater or gluten-free.

Delicious blueberry peach pancakes

With 180 recipes, Ripe From Around Here has menus for every season, and tons of information about when to eat what. Jae includes practical information about less popular veggies, and there's even a chart detailing when different fruits and vegetables are in season or available. Since she's from Montreal and currently based out of Toronto, she has tons of good information for our local needs.

And before I forget, Jae is going to be coming by the Librairie this Wednesday, June 2nd! She'll be doing a "non-boring presentation" on making sustainable food choices, and best of all, she's going to be showcasing some of the recipes from the book! The launch starts at 7 pm and promises to be a riproaring fun time.

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