Anthropology Of An American Girl: A Novel

If I read books based entirely on what their covers looked like, I'd probably only read books designed by Leanne Shapton. Which really wouldn't be a bad thing, she has great taste! Check out these classics **but note that they are indeed, wooden blocks!!

But back to Anthropology, of which Publishers Weekly has this to say:

"If publishers could figure out a way to turn crack into a book, it'd read a lot like [Anthropology Of An American Girl]. Originally a self-published cult hit in 2003 (since reedited), Hamann's debut traces the sensual, passionate, and lonely interior of a young woman artist growing up in windswept East Hampton at the end of the 1970's."

And back to Leanne Shapton, whose book The Native Trees Of Canada is due out from Drawn & Quarterly this November.

Check out Claire's post "Summer Reading" over at the main blog for further Leanne related reading.

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