Doing Dangerously Well Launch!

Carole Enaharo will be presenting her debut novel, Doing Dangerously Well, at the Librairie D+Q this coming Monday, June 7 at 7 pm. Come hear her speak about her inspirations and read selections from the novel.

Doing Dangerously Well is dark comedy at its darkest. Purportedly the story of a dam failure in Nigeria, it also functions as a rich critique of capitalism and international response to humanitarian crises. We follow several dramatically flawed protagonists - a pair of feuding sisters (one is a water executive, the other a yoga-obsessed activist), a corrupt higher-up in the Nigerian government, and a Nigerian man whose family is swept away in the flood.

While Doing Dangerously Well is a work of fiction, the picture Enaharo paints strikes painfully close to home. We're left with the sense that fiction is a tool for Enaharo: one that allows her to reach an audience inured to the perpetuation of inequity in the developing world. To be clear: she uses the tool like a master.

From the Bookworm Collective:
"Brilliantly melding a vicious sibling rivalry with disaster capitalism, Machiavellian political and office politics, this book is chock-a-block satire that cleverly fictionalizes [...] Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine."

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