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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Equinox, Or Summer pt. 1

It's almost officially summer and let's face it, wherever you end up, with whomever, you should probably have a book in your hand. But which book? And does it have to be a book? Could it be a review, a comic? Dare I say that it could even be poetry? So many choices!

The point of this post is direct you to a few publications that will aid you in choosing your summer's -and inevitably more- worth of reading.

The Walrus has a wonderful summer reading issue out. New shorts by some wonderful Canadians, no shortage of Montrealer's either with Miguel Syjuco, Heather O'neill and Rawi Hage contributing. Package it up with an awesome cover by Seth and I'm sold.

If you haven't checked out Granta's latest issue then I implore you to take a look. The theme is sex and it includes writings from Bolano, Anne Carson and Dave Eggers amongst MANY others.

New to our magazine pull is the quarterly BOMB: conversations between artists, writers, actors, directors and musicians - since 1981. Do I need to add anything to that description?

More to come about summer reading, for now, do like these guys do: Put on your best wears, stop by the shop -almost daily- read some things, hang out, buy some books.

We may even give you a strawberry from the garden.

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