Fiction Roundup: new paperbacks and new Simon Rich

"One week had passed since Elliot pushed me down the stairs and he still hadn't said a single word to me. He continued to sit beside me at lunch, though, scribbling in his notebook and staring creepily at me from time to time."

Seymour Herson is the overweight, unpopular narrator of Elliot Allagash, Simon Rich's debut novel. The eponymous Elliot is a teenaged billionaire bored with the decadence his life offers. His only entertainment is transforming Seymour from the least popular kid attending Glendale High into the class president.

The story is simply told, with lots of hilarious twists and snappy banter, all of which combine to create a novel that you can rip through in a few hours, and then pass on to the teenager in your life, be s/he sibling, child, niece, nephew, or friend.

Simon Rich is incredibly young!

P.S. Check out all the new paperbacks we have! Perfect for a little summer reading if you want a book that won't strain your back as you bike to the Lachine Canal to read....

That's right! Amongst other (unphotographed) titles, Conquest of the Useless, Between the Assassinations, Zeitoun, and Manhood for Amateurs are all available in softcover! Coming soon in paperback is the edible series: Eating the Dinosaur and Eating Animals.

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