I Am Published, Rather Than I Publish

I am a bit late on this blog post, but it doesn't seem to have had an adverse effect on sales as we have sold quite number of BE THRIFTY, NOT CHEAP; How To Live Better With Less at 211 in May. What's so special about this book, you ask? Well, it features an essay by yours truly, and to no surprise to any of my friends who repeatedly hear me blather on about my vegetable basket, the essay is about said basket. The book is co-edited by my old friend, current WSJ editor, Pia Catton, and when she asked me to contribute an essay about my "CSA" I had no idea what the heck she was talking about. "CSA? I don't know what that is!" To which Pia answered "Community Supported Agriculture. YOUR VEGETABLE BASKET" I had no idea my basket was so high-minded!

Pia had visited me here in Montreal the summer before, and came with me to pick up my weekly basket from Bio-terre on St-Viateur. It comes from our friends Ying and Francis at the farm, les Jardins d'Ambroisie in St-Chrysostome, QC.

Do I enjoy my basket? Does it save me money? You'll have to read the essay to find out. And because no one can truly ever escape comics, in March our account rep from our new printer came to visit us, it turned out that they printed BE THRIFTY, WILSON and MARKET DAY. Small World!

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