New acquisitions for small folk

Our children's section was drooping these past few months, jealous of the attention we lavished on the fiction, non-fiction, and craft books. But fear not, gentle reader! Over the past few weeks we've been piling up the kids books:

And the best part of that mountain of kids lit? We now stock a dozen or so titles from the New York Review Children's Collection!

With books like The man who lost his head and The bear that wasn't, the New York Review offers early onset existential crises, but also, and more importantly, really really great stories for kids. They are all beautifully illustrated, and the books target children from ages 3 to 14.

Jenny the Cat, star of the Hotel Cat series, dancing with some friends

These are the sort of books I read and reread as a kid. With their focus on delicious picnics, talking animals, and well-earned naps, the heroes of these books inspire affection from the first page.

Finally, a book series that features a prominent bear theme!

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