New Releases Y'alls

Weathercraft and Wally Gropius have made their way to the store!

The two new Fantagraphics releases are both highly recommended, enveloppe-pushing works of art - the wordless Weathercraft follows Manhog through Jim Woodring's psychedelic and symbolically substancial alternate universe ("a dense, rich fable of torture, exaltation and amnesia" as he puts it), while Wally Gropius is a clever, absurd, funny and offputting work that evokes 1950s teenage humor comics with a twist (make that a bunch of twists actually).

You're going to be all like "It's really funny - but what does it mean?" when you get catapulted in the umpteen millionaire's crazy life of fame, wealth, love, verbose and obscure Bauhaus references. Wally Gropius is a book you'll come back to often, in hopes of getting it more and more each time.

Part of Woodring's Frank series, Weathercraft is a haunting, beautiful and epic story in which Manhog suffers and learns from the cruelty and dream-logic of the Unifactor and its weird inhabitants.

Also new in store, and also pertaining to a fascinating author (to put it lightly, he IS the father/god of manga after all): The Art of Osamu Tezuka, God of Manga - it's big, full of text and rare images, and it comes with a bonus DVD documentary! There's a lot to learn about his productive career and his earth-shattering body of work - for example, did you know he was, among so many more important things, the author of the original Unico manga?

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