We've got two new books in from the killer Canadian publishing company Anteism. I love this company. Specializing in artist books, zines, and prints, Anteism gives voice to creative Canadian artists, creating absolutely beautifully made books. I'm totally down for any company that works to give quality support to artists that definitely deserve it.

First up is Other: The Artwork of Troy Lovegates, a book showcasing the graffiti and street art of Other (a.k.a Troy Lovegates). Initially starting out in Toronto in 1988, Lovegates is now exhibiting his widely fantastical work internationally. This book is but a glimpse into his unique and assorted oeuvre.
And! Not only do we have the softcover, but also the hardcover version of Other. The hardcover is especially wonderful, as it is apart of a 100-run limited edition. Hand-bound! Block printed endpages! And an embossed title page! I assure you. It's a gem. For a sneak peak, check out this video of the book on the Anteism website.

We've also got Long Drop: The Paintings of Dil Hildebrand, a comprehensive overview of Montrealer Hildebrand's surreal and dreamy artwork. Abstractions, layers, and tricks of the eye: Hildebrand creates work that you could stare at forever, finding something new in each moment.
Makes me swoon with delight.

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