Listen up!

We have a few new additions to our stock: some bear listening to, while others offer you good reads about listening.

In the realm of things that can be listened to, but not read:

Can anyone resist this gentleman's voice? I am constantly telling people to find the This American Life episodes featuring him, because his voice is magical: no one is Billie Holiday the way David Sedaris is Billie Holiday. This LP gives you 75 minutes of Sedaris storytime plus a bonus download with extra stories on mp3.

Things that involve listening but also reading:

The Believer's 2010 music issue is jam-packed! Interviews with M.I.A., Robert Forster (conducted by Robert Christgau!), and Lady Saw, plus a round table on electronic music, music-themed comics, and an orientalist music party. As always, there is a mix cd included: you can see it peeking through the cover's die cut sunglasses.

And finally, in the realm of reading about listening, let me present local mag Maisonneuve's "The music we hate" issue.

Being a consumer who is occasionally (randomly?) spiteful towards widely-accepted cultural icons, I can respect this theme. For those of you who can't read the small print, the magazine offers to a) teach you how to write about sex, b) let you read a new column by Sheila Heti and c) tell you why and how to hate Sonic Youth, Joanna Newsom, Animal Collective, and others.

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