My New York Garo Fever

Remember how I've been so stoked about the GARO exhibit hosted by New York's Center for Book Arts? It was incredible, it just ended, but if you missed it, fear not: 1) I come with pictures and 2) you can purchase the exhibition catalog here at the store - it is insightful, well illustrated and basically the only way to find out about the first decade of Japan's most legendary outlet for avant-garde comic art.

Have a token general view of the show:


I lingered for a good 5 minutes on the two pages at the bottom left, baffled by the dramatic layout, the genius timing and the goosebumps i got from the overwhelming power of GEKIGA. (this section showcases the work of Kusunoki Shohei IIRC)

Another highlight of the show for me was to see in person the work of Yoshiharu and Tadao Tsuge in person. Here is a sample of Tadao's cinematic and expressive panels:

Here is Kuniko Tsurita, the first female author to be published in GARO, with stories and an aesthetic miles away from your average shojo manga from the sixties.

Below is the Seiichi Hayashi wall, in all its psychedelic, pop art, existential and abstract glory. And next to it is a shelf with readable, translated stories, both in printout (Tsuge Yoshiharu's The Pond!) and book form - with D+Q's own Abandon the Old in Tokyo (Yoshihiro Tatsumi), Red Snow (Susumu Katsumata) and Red Colored Elegy (Seiichi Hayashi).

Can't wait for the release of Suzuki Oji's A Single Match!

Thanks to The Center for Book Arts for letting me use their pictures, and thanks to the Center and Ryan Holmberg for such an awesome and much needed exhibition and catalog - Mr. Holmberg, I cannot wait for your book to come out!

I warmly recommend fans (or anyone, really) to visit this neat blog for more GARO goodness, and to go through this roundtable over at The Hooded Utilitarian - an interesting series of articles on the topic of bringing experimental manga to the west, featuring the likes of Kate Dacey of The Manga Critic, Ryan Sands of Same Hat!, and a brief cameo by D+Q's own Peggy Burns!

* * * * *

Also, on the subject of comic-related exhibitions in New York, you still have time to catch the cool R. Sikoryak exhibit (and the NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition exhibition too) over at the Museum for Comic and Cartoon Art, both end on August 29th!

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