Jimmy Z!

When I first moved to Montreal to work at D+Q, the office was located on Parc Ave between the SAQ (liquor store) and a lingerie shop, aww comics. Thankfully, though, we were also neighbors with the Zoubris stationery store on Parc, owned by the incredibly kind and funny Zoubris family. Pictured here is the King of Mile End, the one and only Jimmy Z who may actually be the reason why Parc Ave is still named Park Ave. Someone give this man a radio show, weekly podcast or something! Here he is with his sister Demetra. This article in yesterday's Gazette, penned by another special Mile Ender, Sarah Gilbert, captures the dynamic multicultural cross section of the Mile End. On any given day, Mr. and Mrs. Zoubris (their parents) are in the store. I had no idea their names were Evangelos and Evangelina! Jimmy and Demetra's sister Vicki, also used to work there, and was sweet enough to give me a playpen when Gigi was born. Our neighborhood is great!

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