Art of the Librairie

This past Friday, Librairie D&Q employees Rory (that's me) and Julien took to the streets to check out some Montreal book-stitutions. Drawn & Quarterly office all-star Jessica Campbell tagged along as her interest and knowledge in bookstores is vast. Few know this, but Jessica was a former employee of Victoria's famed Munro's Bookstore.

The day started at the Canadian Centre For Architecture bookstore (1920 Rue Baile). As a part of the CCA they specialize in - surprise - architecture but are not limited to it. The three of us were dazzled by a diverse selection of art books, photo books, art theory and magazines. We spotted a rack of D&Q titles as well. (Score!)

Housed in a beautifully-illuminated space, the CCA bookstore does a wonderful curative job, keeping true to their raison d'etre while exploring related genres.

Another spot that carries quite a few of our titles is Millenium (451, Marie-Anne East). For some reason a lot of them are under glass at the cash. Are we frequently stolen? What's the deal?

Julien was drooling in Planete BD (3883, St Denis). Their selection of French manga was great. Kid in a candy shop effect in a big way.

Directly across Rue St. Denis is Debede (3882, St Denis). You get the sense when you enter this place that it has been around for a LONG TIME ('87 to be exact). What I like about it is that you can see the history mapped out on the shelves, interests that have sustained or that have waned, comics that I never knew existed and an Esoterisme section that is just out of reach of the average human. I also found this little gem of a publication that dates back to '76. (Below)

Last stop was Port Du Tete on Mont-Royal. I've been a fan of this place for a long time and the recent expansion has made them a major contender for nice-little-Montreal-places-I-hold-dear. Rumour has it that they bought up the remaining Fichtre! (R.I.P.) stock. It's wonderful that there is a glimmer of hope from the ashes of a great place.

Sorry to Argo books for not making it down, I believe they deserve a post of their own. In due time. Long live the Bookshop!

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