Kevin Huizenga's Wild Kingdom available now!

Did you know Kevin Huizenga's Wild Kingdom is in store now?

At once straight-forward and experimental, the book follows everyman Glenn Glanges as he blindly interacts with the nature of his suburban neighborhood. Huizenga juxtaposes Glenn’s ignorance of his surroundings with television commercials highlighting society’s needs for cure-all pharmaceuticals and “hot new things.” Starting off wordless, Wild Kingdom ends with encyclopedic entries, biographical excerpts, anthropologic flow charts and a cataclysmic encounter of nature and technology.

Read this great review by Glen Weldon of NPR's Books We Like, in which he accurately conveys the poetry and nuanced humor and evoked dread of the book. And if you're still not convinced, let me remind you that Time Magazine has called Huizenga “one of the most promising of a new generation of cartoonists,” while the Washington Post has noted that “Huizenga takes his characters through poetic explorations of the profound.”

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