Kids Pop! Workshops and Pirate Radio Sessions!

We are pleased to host Kids Pop at the Librairie
next weekend, October 2nd and 3rd. ***

This year's edition of Kids Pop has tons to offer! With the support of CKUT, Kids POP Radio will be broadcasting live from the Librairie on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. There will also be four workshops that run over the course of the two days.


Saturday 11-12:
We Heart Printed Matter = Intro to Print Workshop

Kids will learn basic printing skills and apply them to produce a creative design. They can make cards, stationery and other items using introductory printing techniques such as the infamous "potato stamp". Supplies provided.

Saturday 1-2:
Picturing Personas, A Band's Story
This workshop explores musical personas through movement, discussion and drawing. During the interactive exercises, youth will be encouraged to consider the link between an band's image and the sound of the music they make.

Sunday 11-12:
Radio, Radio!
This session will explore the importance of radio in music history. Kids will get an up-close and personal look at the Kids POP Radio Booth, and will be invited to leaf through our song-library or take a turn being the DJ, live, ON AIR!

Sunday 1-2:
Krista's "Songwriting Machine" Workshop
Through the process of writing, drawing, and playing kids will create original songs using Krista's "Songwriting Machine." Instruments provided. No musical background necessary.

All workshop are open to kids ages four and older.

For full details of the workshops taking place, visit the Kids Pop site.

***Disclaimer: Librairie Drawn and Quarterly is not responsible for any additional rockstardom your child acquires while participating in these workshops. We offer no refunds for awesomeness at this time.

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