More new D+Q books!

It seems like our fall releases are coming in all at the same time (NOW) - and lucky for you, our major fall sale is still on! Until Monday the 27th!

You can finally grab the much anticipated Palookaville #20, Tubby, Nipper and Make Me a Woman while they're still (almost) warm from the press - and you can get them for next to nothing, they're 35% off, y'all!

A quick word on these really exiting additions to the D+Q catalog: Palookaville continues Seth's Clyde Fans series in a new hardcover format. It also includes pages about the Dominion City project and selected sketches and drawings by the author. Seth has also designed Nipper, a year of comic strips (1963-1964) by acclaimed canadian cartoonist Doug Wright, and Tubby, a collection of Tubby stories by John Stanley edited by our beloved Rebecca Rosen (miss u!). Finally, Make Me a Woman collects 6 years of comics and drawings by Vanessa Davis. The book is big and beautiful, large and in charge, and totally funny. Loves it!

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