How Should A Person Be? Available here. Now.

From the Prologue:

"How should a person be?
For years and years I asked it of everyone I met. I was always watching to see what they were going to do in any situation, so I could do it too. I was always listening to their answers, so if I liked them, I could make them my answers too. I noticed the way people dressed, the way they treated their lovers --- in everyone, there was something to envy. You can admire anyone for being themselves. It's hard not to, when everyone's so good at it. But when you think of them all together like that, how can you choose?".

I can say without hesitation that How Should A Person Be? is one of my favorite books of 2010. It's in conversations around the shop that HSAPB reveals its depth and genius. I had to first hear from a woman as to her opinion of the book before I could say that I liked it and how curious is that? This is not timid writing by any means. It is self help, feminist, unabashed, edgy fiction - but at the same time it destroys all banalities associated with these genres and does so with the utmost beauty AND humor, the most important tool of any great artist (so says Sheila and I agree, or maybe I am paraphrasing). For fans of Anne Carson and Chris Kraus.

I'd highly recommend getting this book as soon as possible so that you're on the 'in' before Sheila comes for the launch on Oct 29th with Leanne Shapton who will also be launching her new book Native Trees Of Canada. More on that in a future post. For now RSVP for the double launch and check out these amazing Pineapple and Palm Tree Endsheets.

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