Zero History Book Launch with William Gibson

It was a major honor to have William Gibson, Godfather of Cyberspace, launch his latest book here at the 211 store. As expected, the store couldn't be more full - thanks/sorry!

Mr. Gibson started the night with a lively reading of two selected chapters from his new book. I'm still giggling thinking about the part about the 'Proust cookies' and the characters' Tao Lin-esque bond with the Apple brand and products.

Then followed an interesting Q&A session where Gibson talked about: his creative process (pretty much absorbing everything and anything and constructing his work around the memorable elements of the accumulated information), his choice to write science fiction taking place in the present time, denim otakus and much much more...

Here are some pictures:

So stoked to introduce the legendary author.

The usual and now pretty much obligatory crowd shot.

"He dunked the plain one briefly in his tea, perhaps out of some vague, Proust-related superstition, then quickly ate them all, as is."

A dizzying line of fans waiting patiently to meet the author - it went all the way to the front door!

The icing on the cake: a surprise visit from two Toy Story ladies. Spoiler alert: the missing eye is done on purpose.

Thanks again to everyone for coming, and thank you Mr. Gibson for a wonderful evening!

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