Baba Yaga another way

Dubravka Ugresic is a Croatian writer of finely chosen, image-filled prose. I first encountered her in a literary theory course, and fell instantly in love. Baba Yaga laid an egg is sort of an examination of the position of women and femininity in Croat society, sort of a reworking of Eastern European fairy tales, and mostly a really good novel.

Sample passage:

Check out this amazing review on Bookslut:

"Her study of Baba Yaga -- a triptych of studies, really -- takes on the darkest and most threatening aspects of old-lady fairy tales: the terror of female sexuality, the terror of death, what it means to be classified as a woman in human history. True to form, Ugresic considers contemporary pop culture (Kate Moss, Paris Hilton), rhinoplasty, recent genocides, exile, and dissidence alongside these ancient and timeless panics. She manages a swift, devastating skewer of academia along the way."

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