BIGFOOT by Pascal Girard

Let me introduce you to a wonderful new book by the Quebec (and, as of recently, Montreal) based cartoonist Pascal Girard.

BIGFOOT is a reflection on youth and budding romantic feelings. Jimmy is torn between Jolene, a friend that he has a crush on, and Jessica, a girl who seems to genuinely like him but he feels reticent about, perhaps because of her eagerness. These feelings and others that go hand-in-hand with teenagerdom are compounded by a video of Jimmy dancing that's gone viral on youtube and his uncle's recent embarrassing internet stardom. (perhaps an allusion to another Quebecer with unwanted internet celebrity, STAR WARS KID? hmmm???)

Anyway, as much as we might like to completely forget our adolescences (Gilbert + Sullivan Society? Debate Club? Doc Martens and dyed black hair, anyone?), Girard makes it all so real and relatable that the confusion and pain of being a teenager comes rushing back. But watching Jimmy and his peers is cathartic and even fun, unlike high school.

For those of you in Montreal, Pascal is going to be launching BIGFOOT at 211 Bernard on December 2nd! So come on out and get a copy signed; watch the office staff drink all of the wine and overstay our welcome until the store staff kicks us out.

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