Elfin Saddle. TONIGHT!

If you are unfamiliar with Elfin Saddle, tonight is the night to familiarize yourself. Mini worlds (or Wurlds- as they prefer). Beautiful music, this is the stuff that transports you elsewhere. Come and support as they launch their brand new DVD/10 ".

I first saw Emi and Jordan's work at Open Space in Victoria B.C. They transplanted to Montreal about a year before I did and started making music under their current title. Coincidentally, my band and theirs share a bass player; Nathan Gage. Though, for Elfin Saddle he trades his BassAxe for the Tuba and Double Bass. A little more whimsical, I have to say.

Join us tonight for a screening, short performance and a special guest. Emi and Jordan will also be doing a display on our DVD shelf. Awesomeness is promised.

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