Indie Craft and Craft a la Indie

Our craft section is overflowing!

Calendars are arriving, and all of a sudden you can learn to design and build your own house, you can knit or felt tiny animal friends, you can be thrifty or a handy dad. And you can make prints galore.

It's gotten so extreme that we have had to give Nikki McClure her own section again:

But that's not what I'm writing to tell you. We have this new collection of

In the same vein as Librairie standby Handmade Nation, Indie Craft provides an introduction to the world of crafting. Textile art is a booming world and this book showcases the impressive breadth of the field.

Indie Craft is an art book about craft, and it does its job well, reproducing faithfully projects from all sorts of innovative individuals and groups around the world.

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