Simple Times call for simple measures

We know and love Amy Sedaris first for Strangers with Candy, and then for her hospitality book I Like You.
Now she's come out with a sequel, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.

Simple Times promises to teach you how to make a toadstool stool, how to become a better story-teller (hint: this may require the addition of zingers like "accosted by wolves" or "burst into flames"), how to give unreturnable gifts, and generally how to live your life to the fullest.

Bonus features include: milk carton skid row, bandana-centric interior decor, and gift ideas for someone you are dating who is at least 18 years younger than you.

Guys, there's so much more that I cannot even include in this blog post. Amy Sedaris just knows and she's totally open to sharing her wealth of knowledge! Who else could reliably offer advice on smoked ham gifts for the grieving, shut-in crafted gifts, or fornicrafting?

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