Real-life superheroes in Manga

We can never have too many film or book or t-shirt adaptations of the ever-inspiring life of Che Guevara.

Just kidding! But I swear this one by Chie Shimano & Kiyoshi Konno is an exception and it's worth the read.

It borrows heavily from the 'nekketsu' genre (literally meaning 'boiling blood') - so it's basically as camp and over-the-top as it gets. As expected, and much like most manga retellings of western myths, it's deliciously dramatic, pretty Manichean and often hilarious.

Also, did you see the cover? There's a manga-Che on it; with a goofy indie-looking handwritten title!

Also produced by Emotional Content and just released in english by Penguin, we've got the manga biography of the 14th Dalai Lama by Teysu Saiwai:

Penguin if you're reading this, please please release Emotional Content's Mother Theresa manga too, ooh and the Gandhi one as well - thank you!

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