Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist

We have just received Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist. This book is a chronological collection of her best drawings from infancy to adulthood. Her parents, Aline Kominsky and Robert Crumb, obsessively kept all of her 'work,' from when she was a small child. "I can easily imagine how people could look at this book simply as more "crumbspoitation"...just riding on the tail of the success of Robert's blockbuster, Genesis," Aline writes self-consciously in her introduction. I must admit this thought did cross my mind when I first saw the book, but looking through it I actually felt the same warm, voyeuristic satisfaction I had when I read Kurt Cobain's Journals (yes, I read them!). Take a look:

age 3

age 10

age 19

age 24

age 27

I think the dustjacket blurb sums up the book's intention quite well: her parents "have handpicked nearly three hundred images that brilliantly document the artistic ripening of Sophie. What started out as a simple showcase for an intensely talented individual is now revealed as a strikingly intimate story of the maturation, development, and evolution of a human being through her own drawings-from toddlerhood to motherhood."

...but I guess, really, in the end you will have to decide for yourself..

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