Spot the Montreal and D+Q Zinesters!

We have just received Fanzines: The DIY Revolution, and it is a veritable feast for the eyes.

Teal Triggs offers a primer on and homage to the zine form in this large format book just out from Chronicle. Fanzines dissects many of the different cultural threads of the zine movement (if such a thing can be said to exist), and offers a brief history of the zine as sociopolitical phenomenon.

From the book's introduction:
"If there is a stereotype of a zine in 2011 then it is of a photocopied, roughly hewn production probably produced by a lone and slightly awkward youth. But equally clearly, those early roots have given rise to an infinite variety, serving a hugely varied demographic. The book acknowledges that the 'zineness' of zines is crucial, but it also points to the potential of the form outside of narrow pigeonholes. The DIY revolution is here to stay."

PLUS, it turns out the DIY revolution is filled with Montrealers and D+Qers.

From a brief flip through the book:

Jeff Miller's Ghost Pine
Louis Rastelli's Fish Piss
D+Q's own John P. on the cover of comix club 5

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