Tonight! Eileen Myles and Gail Scott

This is happening tonight at 7 pm at the Librairie, 211 Bernard Ouest.

Bust Magazine
calls Eileen Myles "the rock star of modern poetry". Inferno (a poet's novel) is the story of a young female writer discovering both her sexuality and her own creative drive in the meditative and raucous environment that was New York City in its punk and indie heyday. It’s engrossing, poignant, and funny. This is a voice from the underground that redefines the meaning of the word.

Gail Scott is an author, translator, and co-founder of two literary and critical journals. She teaches Creative Writing at the Université de Montréal. The Obituary is her fourth novel. In offering up a kaleidoscopic view of her heroine and of Montreal, The Obituary allows the history of assimilation, so violent in the West and so often sidelined by the French–English conflicts of Montreal, to burble up and infect the very language we use.

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