Art Of The Brick (or why buy big books)

Everyone knows that big books make you look smart -- it goes without saying. I'd like to point out a few other potential uses for the big books in your life. Not to neglect that they take up more space under the Christmas tree than your ordinary 270 page novel. Just saying, check 'em out:

Lynd Ward's Six Novels In Woodcuts or what we like to call: Doorstop In Six Novels

You could believe this glowing National Post review of the new McSweeney's title The Instructions by Adam Levin, or you could do as we do and use its great girth to reach the top shelf of the kids section.

2666 is a masterpiece and sure, the three-part paperback box-set edition deserves recognition for innovative design. But let's focus on the book's comfyness for a second: Those three squishy paperbacks were MADE to rest your head on.

And finally, you could use a Bible to get rid of your ganglion (as explained here) or, you could use Anne Carson's latest book NOX to cure you of what ails you.

**Blog authors note: No books were hurt in the making of this post. No disrespect was intended toward these books, their publishers or their creators. I do not sleep on the job (hence the open eyes). These are some of my honest-to-god favorite books, don't hate me!

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