Though books trump all chez-nous, we do make certain concessions for other (valid) art forms. FILM! Who can argue with this stuff?  Here are a few suggestions for the holiday season. 

Bergman: box set, if you haven't delved into the world of Bergman you are only living half a life. How else are you going to understand the Adrian Tomine reference?

Or, perhaps you need to catch up on your Agnes Varda? The box set should keep you going all winter with five films: Vagabond, Le Bonheur, Cléo from 5-7, La Pointe Courte and 4 By Agnes Varda. For $100 you really can`t go wrong with this box set.

And, in keeping up with local inspiration, we`ve ordered the Criterion edition of BRAZIL by Terry Gilliam. It has the Arcade Fire stamp of approval, so take your fan-hood to the next level and own it already! 

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