How to Cook the Perfect Day

It is a frequent lament around these parts that Nikki McClure never releases any book books. Sure, she has kids books and journals and calendars galore, but wherefore books for grown-ups?

Today, a riposte!

How to Cook the Perfect Day is a cookbook and a sneak peek into the Nikki McClure lifestyle. The introduction perhaps says it best.

Each two-page spread is divided, with a simple recipe on the left-hand side, and a paper-cut illustration on the right. Recipes cover all food groups and offer nutritious, frequently gluten-free options for brightening up your life with delicious foods.

Plus! We ordered lots and lots of Nikki McClure's 2011 Calendar, Endeavour, so we still have some copies kicking around the store. Both of these things would make great gifts for the sweet-hearted, food-loving, artistically-inclined friend or family member.

File April under treehouses I'd like to have built in my childhood...

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