I Want You #2

Lisa Hanawalt draws like a lady but has the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy who has spent too much time alone in the barn with the horses and a randy granny. Hanawalt gave us the first volume of I Want You Last year and it's a delight to receive the latest installment. Vaguely reminiscent of Shary Boyle's "Witness my Shame," Hanawalt's comic has a few stories, but mostly one-liners, or rather "one-pagers" of random, ridiculous, gross, funny drawings. Here are a few:

This story is about a horse on a plane who suffers from ornithophobia.

"Shopping with She-Moose"

I think my favorite is the full color inside cover:

Hanawalt gets away with turning whiteheads into pearls and exploring the hophop inspirations of Great Painters. (You may remember her contribution to the 2009 Beleiver Art Issue)

Here is an interview with Hanawalt.

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