May I point you to our DIY section.....

Earlier this week our DIY section was bursting at the seams. We cleaned it out, as we know that these are the perfect holiday gifts, especially in Mile End, where everyone is making something all the time.

On the table you will find all of our sewing, knitting and printmaking books as well as guides to running your own creative business.

On the middle shelf, you will find an assortment of food related books including cookbooks such as our perennials Veganomicon from the Post Punk Kitchen, Get It Ripe from Jae Steel who also did an event at 211 and for the relocated Victorians in the house-- Rebar. And if in addition to cooking your own food, you want to grow it, we have Gayla Trail's gardening books. You may remember our April event with Gayla, who planted our garden in front of our store. And after cooking, we have books on pickling and jarring. It's more complicated than you may think.

On our top shelf are more gardening books, which may not be on your mind in December, but remember you have to plan ahead when gardening. We have books on building your own green eco-consious house, Ecoholic's green living guide to the home, the sequel to the 211 bestseller of the same name and more DIY books from our pals at MAKE magazine.

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