McSweeney's Love

With the year coming to a close it's time to check in on our McSweeney's altar and thank McSweeney himself for making such lovely things we can worship (and that's just a few of the McS's-related posts I dug up!). Here it is, lookin' fine:

And check out this magnificent stack of McSweeney's titles released this year:

Can we also take a moment to appreciate the McSweeney's Quarterly? One of our best-selling titles in early 2010 was the San Francisco Panorama, a.k.a. McSweeney's 33 - a Sunday newspaper with comics by Chris Ware and Alison Bechdel and Daniel Clowes and writing from George Saunders and Junot Diaz and Michael Chabon and William T. Vollman and so many others. Although less flashy with their awesomeness, McSweeney's 34 and 35 are equally wonderful, reviewing McSweeney's history, providing insights into life on the ground in Iraq, and making available the best in short and not-so-short fiction.

Plus: McSweeney's 36 (coming soon!) is guaranteed to be so so awesome. Don't believe my repetitive use of positive adjectives? Am I hyping it up too much? You be the judge:

Finally, let me talk your ear (eye?) off a little longer. It is right to draw their fur by Dave Eggers is just about the most charming gift I can imagine, both whimsical and lovely, combining philosophy and art and lolwombats.

Who can resist a sage cow who offers that "you will never have a successful long-distance relationship" or the sphinx cat who is "Pyrrhic at best"? Personally, I appreciate that Dave Eggers chose writing over drawing, if only for What is the What, but gosh am I ever glad that he's still doing the occasional sketch or two (or fifty).

Anyway, all this to say: thanks Mr. Eggers and the people at 826 and the people at the Believer and everyone even remotely involved in McSweeney's (including our awesome McSweeney's rep, Adam, who sent us the best book promo ever, a pennygun, which Rory and I had a great afternoon shooting around the bookstore).

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