Moomin News

I only just realized how infrequently the 211 blog talks about the Moomin obsession that unites the Librairie Staff. Let's just say that Moomins are a big deal around here, and with a little help from Penguin reprints, we are finally able to reflect that in the kids, French and YA sections of the bookstore.



Initiation to Finnish cuisine!

Check it out! A complete collection of the reprinted novels:

Treasures include Moominland Midwinter, Moominsummer Madness, and Moominpappa's Memoirs. I honestly can't imagine a better way to spend a rainy/snowy/flurried evening like this one than with a mug of cocoa and a Moomin novel. As a kid I always wanted to have the sorts of adventures they had, and as an adult I'm jealous of their pancake suppers and constant escapades.

Board books for the very wee:

And did you spot Who will comfort Toffle? in that delightful mess of Moomin? No? Well I'm pleased to share a little more of it here, because it's pretty wonderful too.

Rhyming couplets! Sea monsters! The Hemulen and Sniff and Toffle and Snufkin sitting in a flower! Honestly guys, this is as good as it gets.

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