!Top Five!

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan:

Definitely one of my favourite novels of the year. I went into the book super sceptically and left absolutelycompletelyoverwhelmingly won over. A book about music, relationships, perceptions, and time (along with so much more), Egan's writing is smart and engaging. You can read my blog post on the book from earlier this year.

Seasons by Blexbolex

If you're enjoying all of the NoBrow Press books that we currently carry (and how could you not!), then I dare you not to enjoy Seasons by Blexbolex, published by Enchanted Lion Books. Blexbolex is one of NoBrow's frequent contributors, as his bright screenprinted style mixes well with their aesthetic. With bold type and bold colours, the illustrations by Blexbolex depict scenes of the changing seasons. The scenes are super charming and warm and make me yearn for seasons past. The images of winter make the frigidness of this time of year much more tolerable.

The Wrong Place by Brecht Evens:

Lately, I have been a complete sucker for watercolor imagery. The romanticism and lightness of the medium just makes me so darned happy. Published by D+Q, The Wrong Place illustrates a magical and brightly coloured world that makes me swoon every time. It's been mentioned already by Fiona, but D+Q's The Native Trees of Canada by Leanne Shapton is another book full of watercolor amazingness.

SSSS: Snake Art and Allegory by Gita Wolf and Ianna Andréadis:

I don't think I've ever come across a book from Tara Books that I didn't immediately fall in love with, and SSSS is definitely no exception. SSSS is just so beautiful. Each illustration is individually screeprinted! The images, the words, and the overall design and care put into the book is, again, beautiful. Check out this video on how they make their books.

And the Pursuit of Happiness by Maira Kalman:

Oh Maira. She has put out yet another wonderful book of stories, thoughts, winsome drawings, and photographs. Originally an online column for the New York Times, Kalman illustrates her wonder and curiosity of American history. I'm absolutely in love with Kalman's style--looking at her kooky drawings makes me forever giddy and delighted. P.S. You should also check out (un)fashion, a project she worked on with her late husband Tibor Kalman. It's a bit of a twist of stret fashion, showing the variety and inventiveness of people's dress from around the world.

Other favourites from the year (because I struggle to stay within five):
Nox by Anne Carson (previously mentioned by Rory)
A Long Piece of String by William Wondriska (originally published in 1963, and republished this year--one of my favourite children books out in 2010. The imagery is so beautiful).
Inferno by Eileen Myles (Described as a poet's novel, check out our past post on Inferno)

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