On how I gave my paycheck back to my employers

Who are you buying for this holiday season? My list is long and varied. Lucky for you, no one on it reads the blog (that I know of...) which means that I can share my very well considered picks with you. Maybe it'll give you some ideas for the cool mom or the womanizer on your list...

The Cool Mom
For the professor with a proclivity for profanity, Keith Richard's brand new memoir Life.

The Geek Dad
Daddy Duncan is getting a signed copy of Zero History, the newest novel from the "noir prophet" of cyberpunk science fiction, William Gibson (bonus: there's a character named Fiona it in).

The "I'm in 3 bands" Little Brother
Two Christmases ago, he unwrapped New Yorker music critic Alex Ross's The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century. This year he will unwrap Ross's newest book, Listen To This, a collection of essays on music that aims to "approach music not as a self-sufficient sphere but as a way of knowing the world."

The Republican American Grandparents
My first thought was Maira Kalman's new release And The Pursuit of Happiness. Then I found out that And The Pursuit of Happiness is divided into 12 parts, one for each month of the year in which Barack Obama took office, with the first, “The Inauguration. At Last,” apparently unabashedly exuberant. So, nope.

Avoiding politics, Denys Wortman's New York is a better bet; it's put out by Drawn & Quarterly (so they can see the excellent work my employers do) and it's gorgeous (judgments of beauty possess universal validity!).

The Socialist Canadian Grandmother
The more reasoned side of my gene pool deserves And The Pursuit of Happiness... with a side of Leanne Shapton's The Native Trees of Canada.

The Fashion Stylist BFF
(Un)Fashion by Tibor and Maira Kalman. It's the anti-fashion picture book of costume and dress.

The Architect
Chris Ware's Lint: ACME Novelty Library Volume 20 because Ware is the master architect of the comics form.

The Cat Loving Illustrator
I Like Cats, a gallery of kitties from some of the best-known tribal and folk artists of India.

The Womanizer
Last but not least, for the Jungian lady lover, a visual reference of anima, Women: A Pictorial Archive From Ninteenth-Century Sources.

A very merry bookworm Christmas to all!

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