Signed stock! Brooklyn comics fest!

I have been in New York for the past week where I worked the lovely Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival (and got to meet and befriend a passel of wonderful D+Q artists). Expect to hear more from Chris about that on the D+Q blog in the next day or two. While I'm on the topic, let's talk stuff that got carted back for you fine folks who didn't make it down.

We've got a little bit of Picture Box in the form of If 'n Oof by Brian Chippendale. It's a thick (800 pages!), frenetic, mouse-man-centric story about two friends who have misadventures.

But it's also gorgeous and funny and purposefully messy and filled with perfect lines and all that good stuff.

We've got a little bit of Secret Acres in the form of Capacity by Theo Ellsworth whose intricate designs make him instantly recognizable...

and Gaylord Phoenix by Edie Fake ...

And then we have a little bit of Lisa Hanawalt. You remember Lisa Hanawalt. She has the most fun animals-wearing-hats pictures imaginable. And I've seen Now available: the complete I Want You series.


Fresh in the Librairie is Big Questions 15, the final issue in the series! AND a tentative due date to expect the Big Questions book: April 2011. Even if you've been diligent and finagled your way into ownership of all the back issues, this is a beautiful and powerful story worth seeing collated and bound.

Last but not least!

We harangued some D+Q artists who were signing at our table (or more accurately we please-and-thank-youed or they offered), and so there are limited copies of signed books! Native Trees of Canada has hand-painted trees (Leanne was using the cap of a water bottle to watercolor!), R Sikoryak's Masterpiece Comics features Kafka-inspired doodles, and Jillian Tamaki and Kevin Huizenga signed their respective works. Only confirms: D+Q artists = the best.

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