More Winter Sales!

On top of our incredible (and still ongoing) buy 3 D+Q titles, get 30% off sale, we are offering y'all a selection of fiction titles at half the price!

Actually, fiction titles and 24 Penguins Before Christmas: A 365 Penguins Advent Calendar.

There are some great finds in there, I suggest you come check them out before someone snatches them away!

Igloos, slab shelters, quinzees and more!

Did you know that Norton published things other than massive anthologies of literature and critical editions of classic texts? I guess at some point I was cognitively aware of this, but definitely not recently.

Take a gander at the fruit of their non-critical labour!

It seems appropriate in the midst of winter to present you with a wintry option such as this. Norbert E. Yankielun, a research engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, compiled this how-to manual on snow shelters of all shape and size. In it he provides tips on structural stability, customization (vanity igloo!), the effectiveness of different tools, and ease of construction.

Whether you're an old hand at igloo construction or just decided to embrace winter wholeheartedly, this book has something to teach you about snow appreciation.


Guess what is now available in the bookstore? Oh drat, I guess the answer is in the link.

Even if the mystery is ruined, you should still come check out our beautiful expanded edition of Hicksville. The new introduction is absolutely charming, not to mention particularly nostalgic for anyone who grew up reading comics.

Have a Bad Day:: The Key To Cool

Bad Day Issue 6 has arrived.

according to julien:
"Il se sont surpasses au niveau du cool"

the people at Bad Day know what they're doing

This newest issue is pink and grey,
inside are interviews with:

Vito Acconci (New York poet and legendary conceptual artists )
Mark Fast (fashion designer)
Jennifer Murphy (Toronto based visual artist not to be confused with reality t.v. ingenue of same name)
(musician) Owen Pallett
Salem (technoduo on the verge )
Benjamin Sommerhalder (founder of Nieves Books, which we stock and love)
among others

Thirteen Going on Eighteen

Our latest John Stanley, designed and introduced by Seth, has arrived in store.
Becca's blog post Here sums it up pretty well...


One of the many great things about living in Quebec is getting to mess with the languages - Take Magazinage - Is it a word in English? Nope! A word in French? Yes- But it has nothing to do with Magazines! It means shopping! Which is what you will want to do when you see the new magazines we have in stock and on the way.

I've had my eye on this Spanish import for a while - It was sold out when I was in NYC last. I'm glad to say we've tracked it down and that's everything the nerdy design appreciator in me could ever desire. My co-worker Julia calls it: "Cribs for Indy-Rockers" I call it wonderful.

The newest copy of Yeti (Issue#8) is on it's way and is accompanied by a pretty awesome looking 80 minute cd.

We've also added the U.K based Granta Magazine to the list of literary minded reviews we carry. The Winter issue is on it's way along with a few back volumes of the Chicago issue# 108 (pictured below) Featuring design by Chris Ware.

Other amazing (and hard to find) titles on the way this month include: The local Beaubien, Toronto-based Hunter&Cook and Bad Day as well as Brooklyn's Cabinet +many many more!

More Silkscreening this winter!

Now's the time to register for our second silkscreening workshop of the winter!

This 3-week course with instructor Leyla Majeri will go over the basics of silk screening multiple colour prints, from start to finish. Participants will go home with a completed project.

It will take place on Mondays February 8th, 15th and 22nd (6:30-8:30pm).
$100 for whole session. The fee covers supplies.

Workshop participants obtain a 20% discount on all books at the store for the duration of the workshop.

As always, we encourage you to come reserve your spot at the store as soon as you can, the number of participants is limited!

New Believer!

This month's Believer (#68, Poultice) has arrived, and it is jam-packed with goodies, including but not limited to: interviews with Francis Ford Coppola, facts about crime in Las Vegas, and the spiffy new comics spread curated by Alvin Buenaventura.

Beyond the two page comic bonanza, several articles have been enlivened by the inclusion of assorted human, semi-humanoid, and bipedal animal figures, all queuing up along the bottom of the articles. Who drew these nob-nosed characters? Why none other than D+Q artist Seth Scriver, whose book is due out this March. Check out a preview here.

The Original of Laura

This book reveals Nabokov at his most eloquent: an expert architect, building meticulous sentences of lovingly chosen prose. As his son Dmitri puts it, by this point in Nabokov's life, English had become "an instrument as expressive, docile, and poetic as the mother tongue he had so thoroughly mastered."

The Original of Laura is, as its subtitle informs us, a novel in fragments. Rather than allowing this to inhibit the story, the book embraces its identity. On each page of the text, there is a photograph of Nabokov's original index card, and below the card, a typed transcript. The cards are fully perforated "and can be removed and rearranged, as the author likely did when he was writing the novel."
A story about mortality, love, and cocktail parties, the brilliance of Nabokov's prose shines on every page.


We're having a gigantic one-week zine sale! These zines were collected from comic books stores and zine fairs across the continent for the past decade. Some are extremely rare...but all of them are cheap: go home with zines for 1$ or 2$ a piece!

Le Bureau Drawn and Quarterly a fait une collecte de les meilleurs zines trouvés lors de foires litéraires a travers le continent et nous les avons ici en magasin. Pour la prochaine semaine nous vendons tous ces zines pour seulement 1$ ou 2$!

...if our zines get you all revved up to go home and make your own, this book will give you all the pointers you need:

and later, when you've perfected your skills, you can even make your own books:

Winter Ateliers Chez D&Q

Looking for something to do in the evenings to break the Winter doldrums? Already in the 3rd season of Mad Men and by ratio of time vs. episodes, there will still be snow on the ground by the time you are finished? Then my winter-broken friend I encourage you to take part in one of our evening workshops!

(above: A Poutine-instruction print by Anouk Paris, SilkScreening Winter '09)

Silk Screening Winter 2010, w/ Leyla Majeri
Mondays: January 11th, 18th and 25th 6:30-8:30

$100 for whole session. The fee covers supplies.Workshop participants obtain a 20% discount at the store for the duration of the workshop. This 3-week course will go over the basics of silk screening multiple colour prints, from start to finish. Participants will go home with a completed project.

Instructor Leyla Majeri has been silk screening and teaching silk screening for what seems like forever.You likely have seen her work on the streets or in the galleries of Montreal.

Winter Linocut/Woodcut with Kathryn Delaney
Tuesdays, January 19th, 26th + February 2nd and 9th

$120 for whole session (4 weeks). The fee covers supplies. Workshop participants obtain a 20% discount at the store for the duration of the workshop. This winter 4-week printmaking course with Kathryn Delaney is designed to explore three techniques, linocut, woodcut and stencil. In an atmosphere of fun and work students and teacher will collaborate to find the right techniques and approach for each individual artist. Delaney will share and demonstrate her skill and knowledge for the creative process of print making. Students will execute their drawings, carving/cutting and hand printing with non-toxic water based inks and material provided by Drawn & Quarterly.

Kathryn Delaney is a Canadian artist living in Montreal Quebec, presently completing her MFA in Print Media at Concordia University.

To reserve a spot for the courses, stop by the store during opening hours to drop off your registration deposit ($65). If you have any questions, email us at or call 514-279-2224.

TBA: Making Comics Workshop w/ Howard Chackowicz call to inquire

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